Sun 26 Aug 2018 10:27

Thanks to everyone who has already paid their membership dues this year, it's great to see VPs, players and parents already on-board. And thanks also for feedback on the Membership page: we have simplified further in response, and also have a few suggestions for when you're choosing and paying:

Everyone - when you press "Purchase" on our website, you will be taken to the log-on screen for GMS, which is where you select your options and make your payments, securely. Please follow the instructions on how to recover a forgotten GMS password, if you've been with us before - or if you're new to us, create an account.

VPs, Saddlebackers, and Senior Players - you have several options to choose from: please take a good look, choose the one you need, add it to your basket, then proceed to check-out. 

Parents - choose a membership for each of your children, by clicking on their icon in the "Who are you buying for?" section, then select the option you need: "first child" for first child, "next child" for second, and also please use this rate for each further child. You should now have a basket with several products in it, proceed to checkout.

...and parents, we'd love you to join as a social member, check out the Saddlebackers option...maybe even thinking VP?

Parent of Colts - please use the appropriate Junior category (first child, or next child).

Parent who are also VPs or Senior players - your first child is entitled to the reduced "next-child" rate, as a benefit of your membership - so please use "next child" rate, even for your firstborn.

Coaches in Junior section: please get in touch with James, our Junior Chair this year. 

All members - please remember, your payment is not complete until you have entered either your card details or created a direct debit. We do monitor progress of all orders, and can assist by sending a reminder with a link to make final payment.

Thanks again - and any issues, big or small, we are here to sort them out for you, please drop us a line. Please remember - all member should be "in good standing" (paid) by end of September, latest.

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