Devizes Rugby Club has continued it's investment into the playing section of the club with the implementation of  providingInsurance for those who play in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd XV's and Ladies teams and sustain an injury which impacts their usual occupation (e.g. day to day work).  All players representing these teams effective from 1st December 2017 up until 31st July 2018 will be insured.  This will be effective whilst participating in a competitive, friendly, or charity match, training in a formal capacity with the aforementioned teams.

This cover is for Temporary Total Disablement from the Insured Person's usual occupation. The benefit entitlement is £300 per week or 75% of the player's weekly wage (whichever is lesser).  The benefit is not payable during the first 28 days of any period of disablement.  The benefit is payable for a maximum total of 13 weeks in all, not necessarily consecutive.

Special conditions:

For self-employed players the % of salary for the benefit will be calculated based on their earnings over the 13 weeks prior to the incident

Cover for unemployed persons is limited to out of pocket expenses only and a maximum of £50 per week

All claims must be submitted to insurers within eight weeks of the date of incident

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