Tue 08 Jun 2021 20:36

Alright everyone, sorry for the delay, I've been a bit giddy with THREE weeks of rugby to watch, the Ladies players meeting actually inside the Sports Club, & the great news from the Rec with both our girls and boys doing us proud - and on that note, well done to everyone involved, what an effort from the teams, their supporters, and their coaches - thank you again.

And congratulations to our three lucky winner for this last month, May '21, who are...

  • Will the Green Pioneer
  • Mister Rappo Rapson
  • Our Treasurer

On hearing that the Treasurer had won, the entire committee rebelled and decided to give it to Mrs Treasurer instead, so well done Katie!

Not long til the June draw now - and I'll be in your inboxes again soon, with a message about the wrap-up of this season, things to make & do over the summer, and the start of next term. I can't wait already. Exciting times ahead.

PS: special mention to Sumo: hope the road recovery is going well, and see you soon.