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Welcome to the Safeguarding section of the Club website.

Safeguarding - a summary

Devizes Rugby Club is committed to safeguarding of all young players and children who are members of this club or who are present at the club to play or watch rugby so that all children can take part in rugby and other sports in a safe, protected, and enjoyable environment.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility – though coaches working with children and parents supporting their children and their friends have particular responsibility to look out for the interests of children.

Types of behaviour that put children at risk

  • Physical abuse – Physical assault, physical punishments or forcing a child to play or train in a situation which is beyond their physical capacity and risks injury to them.
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse –subjecting a child to constant criticism or making them the butt of sarcasm or bullying, consistently not recognising their efforts or pressuring them to perform to unrealistically hing standards.
  • Neglect – Failing to provide a safe training / playing environment, unnecessary exposure to severe weather conditions, failing to provide appropriate clothing and equipment for the conditions, failing to address injuries.
  • Bullying – By other children, parents of coaches – including over-focus on “winning at all costs”. This can take place via cyber channels as well as within the confines of the Club.
  • Poor club practice – Ignoring or taking shortcuts with Club / RFU policy on the responsibilities of coaches and adult spectators Common examples are aggressive and abusive spectators, Adults and children playing / training for contact rugby together, adults encouraging children to drink alcohol or lack of supervision of groups of children – e.g. on tour.

The Club’s safeguarding policy is based on the principles that the welfare of children come first and that everyone will work in partnership to promote the welfare, health and development of children. 

A “Child” is defined by the RFU as any boy or girl playing or watching junior rugby, A player stops being a ”Child” when they cease being a Colts age group player and move into Senior rugby. 

Action to take if you have a safeguarding concern

Please report any concerns that you may have about child welfare to the Devizes RFC Safeguarding Team. All reports of suspicions of harm and safeguarding concerns will be treated as absolutely confidential and will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately. You can report a concern by e.mail to or you can contact the Club Safeguarding Team by telephone or in person.


JAMES O’SULLIVAN, Safeguarding Officer

07891 853952


CHRIS DYER, Deputy Safeguarding Officer

07777 682158


WILL OWEN, Deputy Safeguarding Officer

07887 777587


LAURA POTTER, Deputy Safeguarding Officer

07909 226650

Documents held on file

There are five documents here at present - the main policy document, and a summary overview with contact details; two documents for those organisaing or hosting tours; and the most recent update from the Junior Chair for junior section coaches and managers. Club officers, officials, and volunteers should be familiar with - and agree to be bound by - this policy.

Safeguarding policy main document  - this document contains social media and photography instructions


Coach briefing from Junior Chair - Sept 2017

Hosting a tour

Organising a tour