Sat 29 Aug 2020 18:24

Devizes RFC proudly presents DEVIZES 20:20

The Saddlebacks new monthly Club draw!

LAUNCHING 1st SEPTEMBER, 2020 ... Three big money prizes every month

A typical £1,000 prize pot pays-out ...

  • 1st Prize: £250

  • 2nd Prize: £100

  • 3rd Prize: £50

YOUR CLUB WINS TOO! The balance of the pot goes to Devizes RFC to help the club each month  EASY TO SIGN UP with tickets to suit every pocket


Choose one of our plans below: each £5 you spend buys one ticket in the draw - so £20 buys you four tickets, for example. Each ticket has an equal chance of winning one prize - so with multiple tickets in the draw, each of your tickets could win a seperate prize!

Just click on the relevant link below to be directed to GoCardless where you can quickly set up a Direct Debit for your chosen amount.

"Lock" - £5 Per Month

"Fly-Half" - £10 Per Month

"Full Back" - £15 Per Month

"Saddleback" - £20 Per Month

"Scrum" - £45 Per Month

We will contact the winners each month after the draw and transfer the winnings directly into your bank account. All on-line, no messing about, no cheque to bank. Please note: no cash payments will be made, and you must sign up via GoCardless.

The (very) boring stuff

This scheme is administered by Devizes RFC for the sole benefit of Devizes RFC. It is run in accordance with al relevant licensing and gambling regulations, copies of submissions for such licenses and permits that are necessary being available to any participant having serious insomnia. The decision of the Management Committee is final in all matters of dispute. This is not a democracy and only clings to natural law by the thinnest of margins. Should anyone under the age of 18 be found to be participating their stakes will be returned, no prize money paid out and an additional draw or draws made instead. The offending person will then be hung drawn and quartered.

PS: there are some proper (some might say real) T&Cs on the information page that you should read too. We won't really execute anyone, honest.